What is the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile?

We are sure many of you are confused by the fact that if at all there are any differences between these two browsers (other than the fact that Opera Mobile costs $24 and Opera Mobile does not). Here are some major differences:

1. Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile

a. will only work with smart phones !

b. Supports full featured browsing experience. This means that all the rendering is done on the client side so you can access interactive web services, even the ones using AJAX.

c. Supports tabbed browsing.

d. The beta versions will be free to use but the official releases need to be purchased for $24.

e. Supports Flash.

2. Opera Mini

Opera Mini

a. Works with most type of phones including the cheap flipflop ones.

b. Although it supports extensive browsing, it actually compresses the web pages before sending them to the phone.

c. Does not support tabbed browsing.

d. It is available as a free product and can be downloaded by anymore with no cost!

e. Does not support advanced web technologies like AJAX and Flash!

One thought on “What is the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile?

  1. I downloaded Opera 4.3 on my new Pantech Pursuit Mobile, but now want to delete it. Opera removed me from a blog because they said I was from the People’s Republic of China. When I am an American and in an American Territory, I decided if they want to be like this, I will no longer use their product.

    Now, I cannot delete Opera from my mobile. Every time I try, it says “failed”. HELP PLEASE.

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