BMW uses Microsoft Surface to customize cars

BMW, makers of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, will soon have Microsoft Surface setup for their product configuration. This officially makes BMW the world’s first company to actually implement Microsoft Surface technology in a wide scale. It will allow customers to configure their cars and see the results immediately in real-time.

Incase you are not aware, Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch product which is developed as a combination of both software and hardware technologies that allows a user to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions and hand gestures. Kind of like the Apple iPhone sized into a table.

“BMW will take the customer experience to another level with this technology, basically each customer can configure their future car by simply placing some small tiles on the touch-screen and the car’s color will change instantly. This also applies to different trims or wheel.”

Should we say “good job BMW” or “good job Microsoft”?

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