USB Blood Pressure monitor for the geeks


It is widely known that a significant number of people working in IT (Information Technology) have blood pressure problems, mainly due to the fact that these jobs are sedentary and ofcourse awfuly stressful. If you are one of such victims, Brando’s USB Arm Blood Pressure Monitor would certainly be an excellent tool to have around. It measures your diastolic, systolic, and pulse rate. You can even upload the data to your PC via USB and let the included software chart your outcome. The device is very portable and will allow you to measure blood pressure even when you are at work.

The main features are:

  • 120 memories with date/time
  • Determine Irregular Heartbeat
  • WHO Indicator
  • Technology: Oscillometric method
  • Classification: Type BF
  • Measurement range:
    Systolic Pressure: 30 to 280 mmHg
    Diastolic Pressure: 20 to 255 mmHg
    Heart Rate: 20 to 255 times/minute
  • Accuracy:
    Blood Pressure: +/- 3 mmHg
    Heart Rate: +/- 5%
  • USB interface

Price? $69.


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