Security for Flash Drives


Technology has a great impact on our lives. We love to see new products, use them, reject them and get dependent on them. We are typically in a sea of different inventions with lots and lots of options. One such thing is a flash drive which is used immensely as a data storage device. Its portability factor gives it that great advantage.

A small storage device in which you can store data, but what if the flash drive is misplaced, whatever it contains, you wouldn’t like it to fall in the wrong hands. It can’t be said that you have a solution to this but somehow there’s a security criteria involved with these new flash drives[ in the picture] which might be of some help.

This new drives are said to have an inbuilt biometric fingerprint scanning technology which just won’t allow any stranger to tamper with your  data. Even the scanner is equipped with a covering for protection as seen in the picture. So with these new flash drives there’s a chance of the important information to stay intact. This new technology from Ennova Direct Corporation surely looks great but more details on these are yet to be known.


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