Beware rodents and birds…..the Digital Scarecrow is here


Farming gets high-tech! No we aren’t talking about the advanced  methods of plouwing, sowing, irrigation or harvesting……this structure deals with the protection of crops from rodents, animals and birds. Now you realize what this machine is to replace.

Yes, Scarecrows!!! The  scary structures  made of hay with horizontal spread out arms, dressed to look like a human figure, to scare away birds from the vast fields of crop is about to be a good memory of the past. May be the animals are just not scared anymore. So enters this digital scarecrow which uses ultrasonic wave to keep animals away from the fields without any damage to the animal. It is able to detect any animal approach with its infrared sensor eye, spanning an area of about 16,529 square meter. Powered by solar energy it stands stably on a tripod.

This looks  a cool scarecrow robot!!!




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