City supposed to save in Millions by feeding Big Bellies


In order to save our Earth from destruction due to accumulation of wastes in different forms [solid, liquid, gas],  ingenious ideas are being seen to be applied in many places. A few days back we had seen the reverse vending machines as a brilliant idea in motivating people into recycling, as a result, cutting costs in different areas. What we see here is another such idea.

It’s a solar powered trash can that is able to compact trash so that it can hold more and do not need frequent emptying. As a result there’s a reduction in the ‘must’ garbage truck visits that discharge their load. Consequently the outcome is a straight lessening of CO2 emission by the vehicles and of course, costs. You would be surprised to know that from 19 times a week the number of such truck visits reduces drastically to 5 times a week! Now that’s a real big drop.

Due to the installation of such  Big Belly Solar Compactor in Philadelphia at about 500 places, it is estimated to cut costs of the city in amounts of $12 million in the coming ten years. Now every city might want to have such Big Bellies!

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