Secure your card info when making online payments with SmartSwipe


Many of us are used to online purchases with the use of credit card but somehow security of your card information in such transactions is not guaranteed. So there are chances that your credit card information being tampered and be used in unscrupulous activities. As a solution NetSecure Technologies brings you a device, the SmartSwipe that helps you swipe your card in it for online payment rather than typing in your credit card number.

This SmartSwipe is a personal credit card reader which can be easily plugged in to your computer via USB. Whenever a payment has to be made after any purchase, SmartSwipe firstly ensures the site to be authentic and then locks the input boxes in which data regarding the credit card needs to be typed in. The  SmartSwipe software then helps you through certain steps of its online purchase wizard, one of which asks you to swipe your card at an indicated step. As you swipe through, a superior technology encrypts your credit card number even before it reaches your computer, making it unavailable to any hackers or similar threats. This way online purchasing gets safe with SmartSwipe.It is priced at $99.95 and is now available in US.



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