Sony PS3 Slim reveals itself finally, all you need is just $299 to get one


The story which seemed so much like a rumor finally became true. Sony eventually revealed the PS3 Slim game console. Although the configuration of the console is very similar to what Sony already had, the exterior definitely has a new face-lift. PC World explains, “Make that 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, roughly as tall, but thinner, with a matte finish along the top and glossy sides.

A quick look at the specs…

  • Blu-Ray (obviously!)
  • 120 GB HDD
  • DualShock3 controller
  • HDMI output
  • Weight: 36% lighter than the original
  • Size: 33% smaller than the original

The following shows the size differences between the original model and the new PS3 Slim.


Price? 299 and available as pre-order at Kmart

Availability? September 1, 2009


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