Google gets serious, to launch its own phone in early 2010


After a major success with the Droid’s launch, it is now clear…crystal clear, Google is in to be a major player in the mobile phone world. Realistically, the company sees only two other major / direct competitions ahead, one is Apple and the other one is Nokia. Now big ‘G’ which does “no evil”, wants to make it’s own mobile phone. It is obvious…Google thinks that there can be an even better integration of Android with the hardware. So to make sure that it does not make any compromises, the company wants every control on the device. It is rumored that the manufacturer would be HTC, but obviously we are not sure.

Things are hush-hush now, so we don’t even know the size of the phone or even whether it will have a keyboard or not. But it does seem that Google will do a big advertising campaign on the upcoming device.


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