ECOBIOBALL lets you play golf around water and help the eco-system

For sometime we have been bringing you information about eco-friendly ideas most of which dealt with recycling of products. There were even some which showed the different applications of solar energy or renewable energy as an alternative energy source. Today we bring you another eco-friendly product, only this time it is related to golf. Golf balls are meant to get lost but if they land in any water body it is said to harm the organisms because it is plastic made and is non-biodegradable. The solution is this Ecobioball from Albus Golf.

Ecobioball has been designed to be non-toxic and biodegradable.It even encapsulates fish food within itself so that whenever the ball lands in water the outer wall disintegrates within 48 hours to release the food. Thus the balls are not only 100% safe for marine flora and fauna but even makes it easier for people to practice golf around marine environments or water bodies. Read more about this here.

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One thought on “ECOBIOBALL lets you play golf around water and help the eco-system

  1. Not yet Aaron, the authentic ECOBIOBALL with fish food inside are noy yet available in BYOB.BBNOW. For the moment are only available buying them in Spain, in their website What I see you have in your website Aaron is recycled golf balls, but not biodegradable

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