Turn any material into an interactive multi-touch surface

Imagine turning your 24 inch LCD screen at home into a full fledged multi-touch surface, and that too just by peeling a film and sticking it to the screen. Hard to believe? A Portugal based company called Displax is literally turning this into reality. Whether the surface is flat or curved, glass or wood, “DISPLAX Multitouch Technology turns any non-conductive material into an interactive multitouch surface”.

Based on capacitive technology, the material consists of a transparent thinner-than-paper polymer film that can be applied to the surface. It even detects air-movements and re-acts to the intensity and direction of air flow. As a part of multi-touch, the material detects up to 16 fingers simultaneously on a 50-inch screen. Considering it weighs just 300g, you probably cannot find something similar as spectacular as this. Expected ship date can be as early as July!

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