LED Table Covers

You aren’t seeing things. The table cover is indeed glowing. This is what happens when diodes get integrated into simple things as table cloths. This is actually a LED Table Cover that illuminates when plugged in, just like a lamp. With the magical touch of technology these fiber optics table cloths can shine and glitter, which even gets better with dimming of the surrounding light.

The fiber optics are woven into a polyester / polymethacrylate  fabric.” These cloths are waterproof and washable. Whenever you are in a mood for a sparkling dining session you could opt for one of these. These are priced at $500 each.

[source : opulentitems.com]

One thought on “LED Table Covers

  1. Wow it looks fabulous.I am totally speechless to see this cover.It is looks beautiful on the dinner party.

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