Prepeat Printer: an inkless, tonerless printer

Whenever we hear the words ‘paperless office’ it does sound pretty unreal. To lessen the use of paper you might have come across different ideas. Well, here’s another you might like to look at. What you see is an unique printer which is aimed at reducing the paper clutter. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense, right? Actually this printer called the Prepeat Printer can remove the contents of an already printed sheet and reprint on it!

Instead of paper the Prepeat Printer uses special heat sensitive plastic sheets to achieve this awesome feat. So whenever a document gets useless instead of throwing it away it could be reprinted upon. Each sheet can be reused for about a 1000 times.Now if you are getting excited about the pricing, here’s a shocker. It is $5,517 for the printer and $3,300 for a bunch of 1000 plastic sheets.

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