iPad turns into the ultimate groove machine, creates a whole new world for music producers

If you are one of those who think that the iPhone is more than just making calls, then let’s just say that the iPad is a whole lot more (than what you probably think). A larger screen size with laser sharp display and an unbeatable touch-screen responsiveness are just some of the key features of this device. It has created a whole new world for the iPhone developers. Here’s an example. The world renowned electronics music product manufacturer, Korg, has just released a music sequencer for the iPad. And make no mistake, it is a full replica of the company’s Electribe, the uber-popular electronic drum machine & sequencer.

Called the iElectribe, the app is the iPad edition of the existing Electribe R. It packs in all the sounds and effects of the real hardware and takes music creation into a new universe. Whether it is trance, hip-hop, techno, R&B or ambient, you can create, mix and produce, almost any pattern you want. Although, this app ain’t gonna ‘replace’ your rig yet, but it may quite well be the beginning!

Price? $9.99

[source: korg.com]

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