Falco Robot to drive away birds

Don’t mistake it for a real bird. It’s a robot and that too a flying one. The primary function of this robot is to scare the birds just like a scarecrow but there’s a difference. This Falco Robot has been devised to scare away birds not from a crop field but an air field. The authorities have devised this plan for the airport at Rio de Janeiro so that collisions of birds with air planes could be averted.

Such collisions have resulted in severe damages for many aircrafts and the numbers have been increasing since. The robot is guided by a remote control that uses a radio signal, and it can be kept 45 minutes in the air covering an area of radius 3000m. Along with that an ornithologist would also keep a check on the behavioral pattern of the local bird population. If this proves to be  successful then this method might be adopted by other airports as well.

[source : webadictos.com]

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