Nook sells more than Kindle, iPad sells more than both Nook and Kindle

Digitimes Research reported that Barnes & Noble’s Nook has outsold Amazon’s Kindle for the month of March 2010. The research shows that of all the eBook readers sold in the U.S., 53% has been the Nook. The rest includes Kindle and the others. Analysts believe that the rise in Nook sales is mainly because the device is new in the market. More consumers prefer to buy newer products and like to see changes, especially when it comes to electronics. In contrast to that, the Kindle has been having the same hardware since February 2010.

Although the Apple iPad cannot be considered as just an eBook reader, it is still comparable. The device is more superior in almost every aspect (except battery capacity), but on a pure “eBook Reader” perspective it still faces competition from the others. But it is estimated that the iPad sales have exceeded the 1 million mark and considering the number is true, it has already surpassed both the Nook and Kindle.


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