The world’s smartest underwear

If you think under wears are just to provide support to your most precious jewels, then you are mistaken. Nanotechnology has come a long way and is now present in almost all areas of science. Scientists at the University of California at San Diego have come up with a way to use nano-sensors on the elastic part of the underwear to monitor sweat levels. This “smart underwear” will determine the level of sweat in a solder’s body and trigger the appropriate medical dosage automatically.

Of course the test included a whole lot of stretching and bending of the elastic, but it did not disrupt the functionality of the sensors. “Based on their experiments, the engineers concluded that bending, stretching and pulling on sensors printed directly on elastic waistbands had minimal detrimental effects on their ability to detect hydrogen peroxide and NADH, two compounds that sensors in these types of systems will need to recognize.”

The research is funded by U.S. Office of Naval Research and highlights yet another potential application of  “hospital-on-a-chip” systems.


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