World’s only Solar Light Bulb Nokero to provide clean, cost effective and safe light for homes without electricity

Meet Nokero, the world’s only solar light bulb which has been designed to replace kerosene lamps and provide light to homes who are unable to afford electricity. Each bulb has 4 solar panels on the exterior which is able to collect solar energy during the day. A rechargeable battery within stores the energy. Whenever required, a switch located at the opposite end of the bulb is pressed to make it glow [bulb has five LEDs].

With about 1.6 billion people living without electricity, Nokero is like a boon for them to at least enjoy light after the sun sets. Nokero also provides a clean and cost effective solution for those who still use kerosene lamps which is hazardous and polluting.

“Nokero is weather proof, affordable and cost efficient”. It can glow for 4 hours when fully charged. With every day use, the bulb can function for 5 years. If battery needs to be replaced [about every two years] it can also be done very easily. Invented by Stephen Katsaros of Denver, CO, each bulb is priced at $16.00. For purchasing in bulk there are significant reductions involved. For more information you could visit

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