A Toothy Dental Advertisement

Time for some laughter, giggle and fun! Yes, you are looking at  huge sets of teeth on a telephone pole that’s probably grinning at you now. Guess what? This toothy installation on a telephone pole is an advertisement by Dr. John Mullaly who is a dentist in Muskegon, MI. He conceived the idea of the pair of gums using tooth-like flier which for sure cannot go unnoticed.

It’s rather funny, but the message gets through. What could be a better idea that this to promote his dental services?

[source : laughingsquid.com]

One thought on “A Toothy Dental Advertisement

  1. It’s amazing how Dr. John Mullaly was able to use this as an advertisement which will helped people become aware of their dental health. Proper dental care is always recommended for everyone, so to maintain that beautiful smile.

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