Bus proposed for China that allows cars to pass under it

So what do you think China’s new bus for the busy roads has been planned to look like? Unlike the conventional buses, this vehicle has been designed to move on particular tracks laid exclusively for them, whilst allowing cars to pass beneath it just like a tunnel. Take a look at the picture to see how the huge bus [white in color] is supposed to look like. At first it appears to be a train on a bridge, but now you know that it is a rather odd-shaped bus.

The special structure has been thought of to avoid road congestion and delays, when passengers move in and out at the different bus stops. Wondering how boarding or leaving the bus would be possible? Platforms alongside the tracks will be constructed just like a train station where the bus would halt.

Called the 3D Express Coach this idea has been brought forward by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. It has been proposed for Beijing’s Mentougou district where construction of the 186km of track will commence by the end of this year.

[source : tekgoblin.com,engadget.com]

One thought on “Bus proposed for China that allows cars to pass under it

  1. It will be very cool if this actually happens. The fact that it acts like a tunnel for cars means that driving under it will be safe, right? But it’s still amazing that you can never tell how advanced we are now compared to the old days.

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