Microsoft’s war against the Mac with “Deciding between a PC and a Mac?”

Looks like Redmond is getting more serious every day. A new website dedicated to help consumers decide whether to buy a PC or a Mac is Microsoft’s latest attempt to sell more PCs, and hence more Windows. As per Microsoft there are six very important things PCs allow, which apparently Mac doesn’t, well…at least not to the same extent. They are ‘having fun’, ‘simplicity’, ‘working hard’, ‘sharing’, ‘compatibility’ and ‘choice’.

It is obviously debatable which one is actually better though. Honestly, Mac has always been the center of ‘simplicity’. Then again the massive success of Windows 7 speaks for itself. When it comes to gaming, development, business applications and hardware configuration, the PCs clearly rule. But then there is Toyota and there is Mercedes. Both are good cars, but targeted to different audiences. So if you ask me, I would say both are good in its own way. What do you think?


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