Irresistible Lego Food

Feeling hungry? Anyone would. The assortment of food might be entirely made of Lego bricks but looks pretty tempting to run and get hold of an actual one. From pancake to burger to soft drink to sushi, each of these look awesome. Never thought Lego food would be this scrumptious. You need to see it to believe it. Pass this on to your friends and wait for the reaction or are you already off to the store?

Lego Burger( Hamburger) and Lego Soft Drink(Coke) are the works of  Sachiko Akinaga. Sorry,we have no information about who are the creators of the rest but if you do, let us know. The Lego food collection includes : Lego Pancake, Lego Burger, Lego Soft Drink, Lego Sushi, Lego French Fries, Lego Cake, Lego Dessert.

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