3D body scanner that tells which portion of your body is overweight

Manual measurements for noting whether you are overweight or not could well be a thing of the past. This new machine measures the BVI or the Body Volume Index in which a person’s body fat distribution is imaged using a 3D scanner.

Equipped with 16 sensors and 32 cameras it is said to provide a data of actually which portion of an individual’s body has excess fat. “BVI is specifically designed to calculate risk factors associated with a person’s body shape and type,through analysis of weight and body fat distribution”

BMI is a general way of determining the correct weight with respect to one’s height provided one has an average body composition. But BVI is said to cater to solely an individual’s requirement roping in criteria like one’s age, gender, body structure, medical history, in addition to height and weight. It is said to provide a much clearer picture than BMI allowing doctors to correctly assess and thus advice.The BVI scanner from Select Research in Worcester, England has already been activated in 11 locations around the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States and has scanned more than 2000 men and women.

Apart from the medical field there are hopes of the 3D scanner being used in the retail sector as well. To know more log on to bodyvolume.com


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