The Lego themed pandal in West Bengal, India

Wondering about the huge Lego house in the picture? This is actually a ‘pandal‘ [temporary installation] which has been made to look like a building block structure. In West Bengal, India, ‘pandals’ usually can be seen constructed from bamboo, ropes and cloth in addition to other materials. This beautiful pandal was constructed in the year 2010 on the occasion of Durga Puja [a Hindu festival for Goddess Durga] in Jodhpur Park, West Bengal.

During Durga Puja one can come across a variety of theme oriented ‘pandals’, so it is not surprising to see one that mimics Lego building blocks. Even the interior of the pandal reverberates with spectacular decorations. Every pandal  for a brief period of days [5-7] becomes the center of attraction wherein people from far and near visit and pay homage to the idol of the goddess and her children, nestled within the pandal.  Such structures are meant to be visited by all and hence [FYI] have no entry fees.

Although the Lego Pandal portrays a smooth plastic look, the blocks in fact are made of wood made to have the similar feel. Enjoy having a look at the pictures below. Imagine what fun the children had!

Photographs: Courtesy of Anirban Dey

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