Elastic Park is an exhibit that has dinosaurs made of balloons

Find it cute? Why not? It is just made of balloons. Surprised? That is why Airigami is so awesome. Neat yet a complex piece of art, the prehistoric gigantic forms are being replicated in balloons for a huge exhibition entitled the Elastic Park. Inspired by “Michael Crichton’s popular literary creation, Jurassic Park”, the park will feature creatures ruling the earth,from the Triassic through Cretaceous periods with audio tours and interactive exhibits describing events and other necessary details.

Larry Moss is at the helm of the project who with Kelly Cheatle and a team of artists have been creating balloon installations that is loved by young and old alike. Their works are not only physically displayed but featured in books as well and range from haunted house creatures to genie to even world’s first piloted balloon sculpture, the Fantastic Flying Octopus[picture below].