Amusement Washing Machine puts gaming skills to test for getting work done in real world

Wondering whether this machine is a video game arcade or a washing machine? It is both! Why at all such a device? Because MA student Lee Wei Chen at Kingston University, UK somehow came to a conclusion that spending countless hours on video games wasn’t worthwhile. The skills developed were not of any good use in the real world. Added to that were the 27 year old’s undone household chores.

So in order to make his video gaming experiences useful he devised this Amusement Washing Machine which is part arcade and part washing machine.The user has to complete a set of tasks by playing the game which however if not accomplished results in feeding the machine with more coins for the laundry to be done. Clever contraption!

The amusement washing machine will be on display alongside work from other Kingston University MA students as part of London Design Festival at Tent, the Truman Brewery, from September 22 – 25

Designweek via Core77