Amazing Steel Wire Sculptures of Vehicles blows your mind away

Vehicles are characterized by their robust and sturdy nature. However these assembly of sculptures impart a sober and delicate feel with their somewhat airy structure. So exactly what are these dreamy objects?

On a closer inspection it is revealed that these tender sculptures are actually a mesh of steel wires that have been neatly bound together to display the various automobile forms. The process initially involves wrapping of wires around objects [with special techniques developed by the artist], followed by removal of the objects after the network structure has been completed. The outcome leaves a mesmerizing impression of the objects that play tricks with the mind.

Although very easily said, the fantastic and intricate Steel Wire Sculptures by artist Shi Jindian took many years to make.

His Blue CJ750 (2008) is a replica of the Chiangjiang [Yangtze], a military bike based on an early BMW. Beijing Jeep’s Shadow (2007) translates the chassis of an army jeep into an object of pure contemplation, a kind of dream—which a car long was for millions of Chinese.


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