Removable Handles makes working with handle-less pots easier and safer

Working in a kitchen could be pleasure for some while for some could be a place for honing their cooking skills or concocting something just for fun! However every kitchen chore comes with associated risks if not alert enough which includes using sharp knives, pouring hot liquid, heating oil or may be handling heated pots.

While some kitchen utensils do come with built-in handles, some are not. Holding those pots and pans could be messy and hazardous. Removable Handles by Alberto Vasquez have been designed for those utensils which need a temporary handling assistance so that work could be done without any delay. It is a handle that can be easily clipped on a pot whenever required.

Each Removable Handle is made of metal for support with a refractory silicone material covering it capable of withstanding 300-400 Celsius. A red clip allows the handle to get affixed to the pot without any problem. Adequate space for the fingers allows to have a good grip on them making the task a whole lot easier and of course safer.


6 thoughts on “Removable Handles makes working with handle-less pots easier and safer

  1. I have a set of saucepans that I got in the 70s and after years going through the dishwasher a couple of the handles have broken off and I wondered if these clip on handles will fit any saucepan. Look forward to your reply. Pqatricia

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