Sponsored Video: Sony brings you the World’s First Real-time Photo Gallery pictured with the NEX-5R Camera

In this age of digital photography we all love to document our lives in pictures.

Pictures could well be of places you visited, could be of a ceremony you attended, could be of a flower or plant in your garden you tended to,  could be of a parade you witnessed, could be of a decorative food that was served, could be of a celebratory moment in your life or simply could be of a random odd object you just spotted in a shop! The options indeed are plenty with no boundaries whatsoever.

With so many things to take notice of combined with the ease of capturing, storing and editing digital pictures, it is likely that we all end up sharing the treasured moments with family and friends and sometimes even with the whole world. Be it for fun, appreciation or garnering opinion, posting and sending snaps has definitely become a part of our daily life.

Now what if you could send pictures directly from a digital camera after snapping with no transferring involved. Sounds fantastic? Yes sure it does!

Simply put, Sony’s 16.1 megapixel camera NEX-5R exactly does that. Features like APS-C sensor and built-in Wi-Fi enable the user to click pro-shots and instantly share those online thus paving the way to an all new experience of showcasing the snaps in real-time. So let us take a look at how some lucky photographers came about with it.

Three photographers from London, Paris and Berlin were given the smart-cam NEX-5R to picture the vivid evenings of their respective cities and simultaneously post them online. The exciting experiment was dubbed ‘capturing the light’. Wondering where they sent their snaps? On 15th September, a bevy of guests with bated breath awaited the unfolding of the World’s First Real-time Photo Gallery at The Loading Bay Gallery in Shoreditch, London where fourteen screens were put up to display the amazing series of more than 200 images clicked by the photographers in real-time. Watch the video below to find out how it all ensued!

Lee Strickland from London sent over images capturing the activities of the different locals ranging from rickshaw drivers, skaters to a busker as he went about exploring the night life in various parts of the city. From Paris, William Daniels shared images with diverse moods some reflecting serenity while some portraying boisterousness. Berlin was seen through the lens of Paul Sullivan framing deserted structures and buildings. At times the photographer became the subject himself allowing the onlookers to have their take.

Feeling inspired? Then why not go about it with the Sony’s NEX-5R!
[The post is sponsored by Sony.]

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