A chandelier made from 3000 gummy bears!

This multicolor chandelier you see above is made from 3000 gummy bears! Created by New York-based designer Kevin Champeny, the “Candelier” is available in two editions, 18″ and 31″ diameters, with a hefty price tag of $2400 and $6100 respectively.

These are sold at Jellio.com
There are 2 sizes:
      18” diameter: $2400.00 open edition
      31” diameter: $6500.00 open edition
I built the one for i-Carly and installed it on the set
I am the production manager for Jellio.
These are all hand made by me.
I am also the creator and producer of the “Gummilight” for Jellio, also seen on the i-Carly set.

kchampeny @ tumblr

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