Water Lock helps in controlling water wastage

Water may be abundant on our planet but that available for us for our daily needs is definitely restricted. The point is, we need to put a stop to water wastage because this precious resource still at different levels is unavailable to many world wide. That’s why the  emergence of the Water Lock.

Water Lock is a device that needs to be fitted to the water pipe so that when the user to enters the amount of water needed for a bath, it releases the mentioned amount after which it stops the water flow. It works that easily and that too without the need of any electricity making it a point to use up limited quantity of water.

The conceptual device has been devised by Prof. T.K Philip Hwang, Prof. Fan Cheng Kuei, Fu Shou Hsi, Wang Chih Wei, Hsu Wei Ling, Lai Yu Ren, Chen Yi An.


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