The life-size Dollhouse cherishes a culture of the past


It’s a way with us that we seem to have a liking for miniaturized objects, just like we have a love for things that are larger than life. Dollhouse is a perfect example of how we fancy such incredibly small installation.

So let’s take a peek inside a dollhouse which, much to everyone’s surprise, is life-size!

Heather Benning, a sculptor from Canada was in awe of the dilapidated and uninhabited farmhouse sitting lonely just by itself in Saskatchewan. The forlorn scene gave her a thought of transforming the shelter into a creative playground as she visualized to build a dollhouse replica with it.

The task wasn’t easy for the house had major damages that firstly had to be dealt with. With multiple removals and restorations in combination with new installations, painting, donated furniture pieces, yard sale picks, she built up the entire spectacle in 18 months to showcase an era that has nothing to do with today’s technology dependent life style. With a simple telephone she was able to make her point.

What makes the enormous dollhouse appealing to the onlooker is that instead of a wall there’s a plexiglass in the front so that the interior is clearly visible however not accessible similar to a little dollhouse.





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