Real fruits turn into juice boxes for an ad campaign


Take a look again. That’s a fruit in the picture which, happens to look like a standard juice box. No kidding! You can slice it up and devour it without a thought. Yes, no plastic, no packaging, it’s real fruit all the way.

A  juice company from Brazil wanted their product Camp Nectar to convey just the same and so the advertising tactic. Ad. agency Age Isobar were the brains behind the unique plan which involved fruits to be clamped up in molds so that they developed to acquire the shape and features as per the mold. While it took two years to let their concept take flight, they were rewarded with successful versions of lemons, orange, guava, apples, papayas and passion fruit to boast of. Yes, all in the shape of  juice boxes that feature straws too.

Although these specially molded fruits might look exciting initially you might also remember that there were similar versions earlier in the form of Buddha Pears as well!

To find how the fruits are shaped, watch the video below.




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