Photovoltaic Flashlight for campers can brighten up space, no matter how you position it


Doesn’t the Photovoltaic Flashlight kind of reminds us of our childhood favorite kaleidoscope, that used to make us wonder about the patterns formed as we kept on rotating it? Actually this very structure has something to do with its functionality. Read on to learn more.

The flashlight comes fitted with photovoltaic panels on all three faces. So if it rests on one side, the other two can easily help in charging up the device twice as fast. Secondly, in addition to having a powerful 5 LED system, the flashlight is equipped with three more light sources that hides beneath each solar panel. They can be flipped open with a switch to obtain a 360° illumination.

The package comes complete with a hook connector and a compass at the base, making it a dependable companion for hikers and campers. What do you think?

The Photovoltaic Flashlight comes from Iorgulescu Vlad Paul of  Creative Pill and was designed for EB2 Global Manufacturing Co.






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