The DSRL Paparazzi Lamp focuses on your space to brighten it up


Are you brave enough to face the flash? Then take a look at the DSRL Paparazzi Lamp, that is meant to create quite a stir in your room with its elegant look and presence.

Designed by Mónoculo Design Studio, the pendant lamp is a “replica of a reflex camera lens“. It “is made of white cedar wood and has a water-based varnish and beeswax finish on it. On the top it has a ceiling frame with a stainless steel cable and a red wrapped power cord.”

What’s interesting is that you can also try different looks on the lamp as the lens hood either can be removed altogether or set upside-down on the rim. So you have three ways to show it off!

Dimensions: 37cms high (without lens hood) 49,5cms high (with de lens hood) x 30cms diameter“. Price for the exclusive photogenic lamp is €500.00 EUR [≈$667.74]. If interested, you could zoom in at MonoculoShop at Etsy.


dsrlpaparazzilamp_3 dsrlpaparazzilamp_4 dsrlpaparazzilamp_5

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