Denim Art? Did you know about it?


No, even we didn’t! When the topic of art is discussed, our thought process revolves around the fixed set of mediums. That is why, every time we feel excited to discover that there are always possibilities. So we present you the absolutely stunning collection of Denim Art.

Ian Berry, who goes by the name Denimu, creates amazing illustrations and portraits using the oh-so-popular fabric worn by one and all. With only “discarded jeans” as his medium of expression, he manages to open a world for us that we had never seen before. Tones, colors, shades, texture, stitches, all play along to capture surprising moods and moments, worth visiting and revisiting.

The featured denim art are as follows: Ms Jean, Denim on Denim [above]


The other side of the track, Denim on Denim [above]


Färska Blåbär, Denim on Denim [above]


Before the Party, Denim on Denim [above]


The Cheyenne has gone, Denim on Denim [above]


Lapo for Lapo, Denim on Denim [above]


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