Fantastic 3D Origami with numerous Axisymmetrical shapes


Digital technology presents us with innumerable choices of instant entertainment right at our finger tips. But can we ever forgo the the beauty of quivering paper planes, as they glide through the air or the innocence of wobbly hand-made paper boats, trying to keep afloat in puddles or ponds? Definitely not!

So we bring you some more origami forms but with a difference; showcasing how technology goes hand in hand with the age-old art in helping us create yet more interesting structures.

Jun Mitani, a computer science professor at Tsukuba University uses his diversified knowledge in studying and creating these complex patterns which although are obtained with algorithms can be realized in reality by simple folding of paper. What we see here is a multitude of captivating axisymmetrical shapes enthralling us with their elaborate twists and turns and challenging us into creating them.

You can see more of 3D Origami at Flickr.






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