Vessel delights you with an uplifting bathing experience!


Who doesn’t love to be away on a vacation and forgo the daily duties once in a while? However that comes with digging deep into your pockets and you can’t go for it frequently.

Intertwining the bathing experience with swaying on a hammock, Vessel presents a way of relaxation and revitalization one could enjoy at home.

Built in carbon fiber, Vessel holds you afloat in its curvy body simulating the tranquil feel of laying back in a hammock. A foam layer rests below the main material to keep the water warm for a prolonged period. Water gets filled in from an adjacent floor tap while drainage happens through a floor drain located beneath the Vessel.

It can be ordered for different sizes and in colors that include red, blue, pink, yellow, bronze, pure silver in addition to black. Vessel  has been designed by studio Splinter Works.







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