Mosaic park and Ceramic museum in China showcases a fusion of artistic sensibilities


The gorgeous Ceramic Museum located in the Mosaic Park has been designed to reflect the amalgamation of cultures, with the intent to provide a thought provoking scenario as well as an eye-catching spectacle in which east meets west.

The theme incorporates mosaic art inspired by the European cultural practices, in which broken ceramic pieces can be seen adorning the pavement, benches and the facade of the museum. The charm of the east can be seen resonating in the layout and structure of the park; remarkably portraying the “crackled glaze of the Chinese porcelain“. Flowers of different species and hues have also been added strategically thus complementing the essence of the concept. As an observer, the park seems to be a continuous flow of random colored pieces that not only envelopes the landscape but rises above the ground making their way to finally embrace the Ceramic Museum.

The park initially was made to serve as an arena for the 2013 Jinzhou World Landscape Art Exposition wherein 20 international artists were invited to present compositions that highlighted their individual cultures. Now it stands for a space in which people can immerse themselves in the eclectic beauty that blends art, nature, craftsmanship, architecture and tradition while also realizing that the city Jinzhou, had once been identifiable as the producer of ceramic and porcelain, which as of now has been forgotten. The museum is said to host a bevy of cultural events that would promote and exhibit local artworks, evoke discussions culminating in knowledge exchange, art appreciation and trade.

The Mosaic park and Ceramic museum is located in Jinzhou, China. The project was managed by Casanova + Hernandez architects.







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