Amazing natural formation spotted in Baja California, Mexico

This magnificent art might look like an artist’s interpretation in watercolor but in reality this is one of the many nature’s spectacular creation captured by Adriana Franco/National Geographic. What you can see have been actually made by rivers in the desert of Baja California, Mexico.

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Dice For Change lets you focus and lead a better life

Good thoughts make you do good things. And when you do so it brings ethereal peace and comfort to your mind and soul. However in today’s busy world you could very easily lose your self control and get deviated. That is why you either need a tool as a reminder or someone to help you to be on the right track.

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Movie scenes recreated with empty ink cartridges make you nostalgic

Starship Enterprise

Behold the Starship Enterprise built exclusively with empty ink cartridges! Unbelivable, isn’t it? Empty ink cartridges which pile up as waste could be turned into artwork with proper planning and execution as has been done over here by artist Faith Pearson.

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