Movie scenes recreated with empty ink cartridges make you nostalgic

Starship Enterprise

Behold the Starship Enterprise built exclusively with empty ink cartridges! Unbelivable, isn’t it? Empty ink cartridges which pile up as waste could be turned into artwork with proper planning and execution as has been done over here by artist Faith Pearson.

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Compostable coffee cup from Repurpose makes disposal guilt free


All of us are very much aware of the piling of plastic products in our environment. And considering the number of disposable plates, glass and cutlery that add up to the plastic mess; the sooner the replacements are available, the better. What we have here promises to be both user and environment friendly while making discarding a not so dirty affair.

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Paper containers for wine? Greenbottle will make it happen

What it would be like if wine was available in paper bottles? Greenbottle, a British company is set to make this possible by developing completely biodegradable paper bottles as an alternative to plastic ones that create waste for landfills.The paper wine bottle in addition to being earth-friendly even scores above glass as it weighs around 90% less and makes a carbon footprint of just 10% of that of glass bottles.

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