WWF, the new planet-friendly file format that’s just impossible to print

Love your planet? Well, we all do. So let’s try our best to contribute. First ensure that you don’t need a ‘hard’ copy of the document, then just go ahead and print it in WWF. Once you do that, the electronic document cannot be printed (in paper) anymore. Currently available for Mac OS X, Windows version is coming soon.

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Vintage Zipper Jar and Vase

How many uses do you think discarded zippers have? Honestly, we didn’t know of any until we had come across the collection of recycled zipper jewelry by Amalia Versaci. Once again we have some interesting  products made out of vintage zippers that have been recycled and put to use.

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Smart fabric could generate energy from the environment

Consider having a laptop with a fabric case wherein the case could power up the gadget on its own without the need of any external outlet. It could happen! Scientists from the University of Bolton’s Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI) have developed interactive fibers that respond to changes in the surrounding. Specifically, these special fibers are capable of generating electricity from wind, rain and even movement.

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Amazing models of cities created from electronics junk

The city model you see above has been created by Italian artist Franco Recchia. His speciality is making urban landscape using discarded electronic materials. “Taking apart old computers, he breathes new life into their component parts by reusing them to build ingenious skylines.”

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Chocolate boxes could entirely disappear into the environment just as chocolate does in your mouth!

Disposal of chocolate boxes couldn’t have been easier and more environmental-friendly! Marks and Spencer had been working on a material called ‘plantic’ with which they wanted to make chocolate trays. Plantic, which is made of starch and 100% compostable is now being used for their complete collection of ‘Swiss Chocolate Assortment’ paving the way to a new era of responsible food packaging.

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