Isopod Phone Case? You won’t believe this!



As if Monday mornings weren’t scary enough that we thought of showing you this… an isopod looking phone case that really exists! All details in place, the Japanese website shows you how exactly this case would fit a phone and how it would look while using it if ever you wanted to own one of this.

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Sponsored Video: Acer introduces Iconia A1-830 Tablet

Acer brings before you the brand new Acer Iconia A1-830 tablet that showcases not only a high quality look and feel but provides a robust combination of hardware and software features, for one and all to enjoy, while they are working or casually surfing, searching, downloading apps, getting social, viewing pictures, listening to music, playing games… gasp, gasp… the list seems to be endless!

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Sponsored Video: Asus MeMO Pad 7 grants your family superpowers, check out how?

Superpowers? How about turning back time or predicting the future? Or just zapping up your favorite program on TV with a flick of your fingers? You might just be pinching yourself to check whether you are in a dream or not. Well, when you take a look at this cool video, you would definitely know what we mean.

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