Microsoft and Google are collaborating to build Angular 2


Google’s AngularJS JavaScript framework has been a major success in recent times. It has received tremendous support across the web development community. And recently, at the ng-conf in Salt Lake City, it was announced that Google will be working with Microsoft’s TypeScript team to build Angular 2 and “converge” the TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft) and AtScript languages.

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YouTube may introduce low-bandwidth 4K videos soon


It is being rumored that Google’s YouTube may introduce low-bandwidth 4K videos next week, and may demo it in the upcoming CES. Thanks to Google’s own VP9 codec which will be the backbone of this awesome technology. Streaming 4K videos is still not very practical, expecially with bandwidth caps and low network speeds around.

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Google Chromebook is now officially successful


Recently, the research firm NPD released a report, that says Google’s Chromebook sales consisted of 21% of all the laptops sold through November 2013. Although, many consumers are debating on these stats, it is not entirely untrue. In addition to that, Amazon recently confirmed that two of the three best selling laptops this year were the Chromebooks as well!

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