A Sound method of Storing


Concepts of furniture are aplenty and there have been many that deal with the space saving concerns, some are like chair , table etc. There was a shelf that acted like a memo board while some had totally a new definition of furniture. Multi-functionality is what now we look forward to, in combination with elegance in the appearance (ofcourse!).

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Apple may launch Touch Screen Netbook in Summer?


Taiwan’s Commercial Times reported that Apple may be planning bigtime for a touch-screen netbook and is in full-time discussion with several suppliers. Infact it has been reported that Taiwan based display maker Wintek (which is making the screen for the product) has already “confirmed” this. The primary hardware for the netbook will be manufactured by Quanta, which is already the regular supplier of Apple.

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Panasonic to release the world’s most advanced plasma HDTV


If you think that plasma screens are dead, think again. When the whole world is planing for the full-switch from plasma to LCD, Panasonic is scheduled to release the TC-P54Z1, currently reputed as the world’s most advanced plasma HDTV (by far!). It has a 1080P resolution, supports wireless HDMI, internet connectivity, 24Hz cinematic playback and is just 1-inch thick or thin (whichever way you want to see it!).

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Sandisk to unveil 32GB microSDHC


Sandisk  promises to launch the 32GB microSDHC before summer this year. And no…this ain’t a vaporware, there is already reported ongoing testing of the device in the market. It seems Sandisk has already been showing progressive prototypes for the last few months. What people may not be aware of is that the 32GB microSDHC will be the last of it’s kind, as this device cannot address any more memory space based on it’s current architecture.

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Yet another iMac from Apple


Apple has a new iMac. Ofcourse it features tons of stuff as usual! An interesting change is the new included numeric-pad-less keyboard instead of the full-sized one.  We are not sure whether this is a smart move from Apple, but again… Apple has always been revolutionary in setting benchmarks for quite a few unusual things.

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