The Real Key Drives


Hopefully you never mix up your flash drives with your keys. How could you? The only thing they share are just the word ‘key’. You had already been carrying a bunch of keys figuring out which one is for the door and which for the locker when LaCie brings before you a key-shaped storage solution, that are actually “key” drives! How ironic!

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Leave it on BatRest, Sit back and Enjoy


“It is  a bat”. “No, it is a thermoplastic”. Well it’s a support! Okay no more guesses. It’s a bat-shaped stand suitable for the iPhone family made of durable polypropylene. Thus it indicates no more stress on the arms or on the creative brain for upright positioning of the screen for such gadgets.

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What would an Old-School iPhone look like?


A glance and it brings back a lot of memories. Those rotary dial telephones with their heavy handsets donned with an assortment of colors  still occupies a certain space in the communication arena. This picture is a tremendous change from the previous ones with its sleek and stylish form as also its functioning.

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The new iPod Shuffle, that really does talk


Apple launched the new iPod Shuffle, this time with a 4GB storage capacity. The device features a text-to-speech engine called “VoiceOver”, which can speak the artist name, song name and the playlist titles. So…yes, it does speak, but don’t expect to have a full conversation with it. Either way for most hard-core music lovers 4GB may feel to be a joke, especially when the iPod Touch 8GB itself is priced at less than $199.

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A Sound method of Storing


Concepts of furniture are aplenty and there have been many that deal with the space saving concerns, some are like chair , table etc. There was a shelf that acted like a memo board while some had totally a new definition of furniture. Multi-functionality is what now we look forward to, in combination with elegance in the appearance (ofcourse!).

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Apple may launch Touch Screen Netbook in Summer?


Taiwan’s Commercial Times reported that Apple may be planning bigtime for a touch-screen netbook and is in full-time discussion with several suppliers. Infact it has been reported that Taiwan based display maker Wintek (which is making the screen for the product) has already “confirmed” this. The primary hardware for the netbook will be manufactured by Quanta, which is already the regular supplier of Apple.

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