Pumpkinstein: The creepy Frankenstein Pumpkin for Halloween

frankenstein pumpkins 1

So you knew about Buddha pears and strange shaped watermelons, right? But what if we told you that you could now get your hands on Frankenstein Pumpkins too. Yet again, these are not carved pumpkins that we are referring to. These are real pumpkins that have been made to look like Frankenstein’s head!

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Rising Shell is a collapsible flat bamboo structure that can transform into a bowl

rising shell bowl 1

The fascinating bowl is called Rising Shell. The structure incorporates a handful of bamboo beams and rubber technology. In its collapsed state, it appears as a flat rectangular slab on a table. However when folded, by applying pressure on its ends, Rising Shell transforms or rather rises to form a bowl with hinges, altering its look significantly.

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These Pumpkin Art Minions will make your day brighter

pumpkin minions

It’s the pumpkin season and the season of honing your pumpkin art skills. However this one deviates from the usual process of carving the orange vegetable. It uses painting techniques and things around the house for turning the pumpkins into adorable giggly Pumpkin Minions!

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