Super simple DIY Paper Chess Set for road trips


Check out this neat DIY project that teaches you to easily construct a paper chess set, for enjoying a game or two, while on those boring road trips. What you need are some computer skills, a printer, regular scotch tape, packing tape, scissors and just paper. That’s it!

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Pointer Here makes it a point to remind you of your little essential things


In today’s fast paced busy lives, it’s very natural to have things slip your mind; be it those small personal belongings or some undone tasks. Of course you could try digital reminders but how about a visual reminder like the Pointer Here? Wouldn’t you just love to have one?

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Fruit Wares, an experiment with fruit peel textures


Does this bowl remind you of something familiar? Pineapples, for instance! Based on the fact that peels are discarded as it is when fruits are consumed, an attempt has been made to explore their varied structures while also sport their natural brilliance through the Fruit Wares collection.

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