Shuttl Dockable Wallet manages cash and cards accordingly, whether you want to carry less or more

shuttl dockable wallet system 1

When we think of carrying cash or cards, a compact solution is what we look for. While on certain days we seem to be doing fine with only a few of our cards in our wallet, at other times it becomes a necessary to carry around the whole bunch we have. Thus Shuttl was designed keeping this in mind, to help you in both situations, be the load lighter or heavier.

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Decadent Minimalist One Wallet, a compact solution for carrying your cards

decadent minimalist one wallet 1

Looking for a simple wallet that hold your cards [credit cards, key card, id] in one place without the additional bulk or bulge? Meet the Decadent Minimalist One; a wallet that’s built out of a single aluminum piece designed to hold 8 of your cards securely.

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Pixel Waffle Iron lets you design your waffles


Get creative with your waffles as you make them with the help of the waffle iron called Pixel! Before pouring in the batter, you need to push the dimples of the silicone tray, that comes with it, to create a pattern of your choice. And voila, when you are done, you have a unique waffle to enjoy for your breakfast.

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