Lego Holiday Ornaments…build it yourself with helpful guides


Be it the ‘Legotastic’ Question Block or the Gingerbread House, these ornaments are here to put a sparkle on your trees. Although the ornaments were available as [now sold out] build-it-yourself kits, the awesome part is that you can still build them as a fun Holiday project. How? Read on.

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Send a flower or an angel with pop out 3D cards


Greeting cards have been and always will be a part of our tradition for sending our thoughts and wishes to our loved ones. What is special about these very cards is that in addition to the message, a delicate sculpture is also sent to be made by the receiver and displayed as a memento, wherever the person wishes to.

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The World Outside My Window presents earth and more in a time lapse video


What would it be like to watch earth pass by your window? Well, you read that right…we mean if we were not on our very own planet but very close to it and could have watched it from the space then…? David Peterson brings you this absolute ethereal time lapse video from the International Space Station putting together different sequences from Expeditions 29, 30 and 31.

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