The Cup Noodles Museum in Japan

Are you a fan of cup noodles? If yes, then you might like to know that now there’s even a museum about the very enjoyable instant meal which recently opened its doors to the public. Called the Cup Noodles Museum located in Yokohama, Japan, it marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the Cup Noodles by Nissin Foods.

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The cheapest car gets embellished in gold and precious stones

Are gold prices really getting out of reach? Not for everybody though. Check out the cheapest car Nano [$2500.00] from Tata Motors in India, donned in 18 kg gold, 15 kg silver and a plethora of dazzling gem stones! The bejeweled Nano adorned with $4.7 million worth of stones and metal has been titled India’s first jewelry car.

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The iPad Photo Frame

ipad photo frame 1


All of us know that how amazing the iPad is. The look, the features, the feel…everything about it seems incredible. So here’s even a photo frame replicating the awesomeness to make you or any picture that you insert  appear hip n cool!

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