Google Apps to drop support for IE9

google apps

Internet Explorer 11 was officially launched on 17 October 2013. And just after a short while, Google Apps has decided to drop support for IE9. However, this isn’t due to any conflicts of interest between Microsoft and Google. It is just that Google has a policy of supporting only two major releases of the popular browsers.

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Sponsored Video: What can Microsoft Office 365 do for you business?

When you are involved in a business, there’s a lot of work to handle. And more importantly you need to have access to your bundle of information from anywhere and anytime. That’s where Microsoft Office 365 gets into the scenario providing you the proper tools and assistance to help you through your tasks and deliverables.

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Microsoft’s XBox 360 is still the no. 1 gaming console in the US


Although the XBox 360 is aged, it still is the best selling console in the US, for a whopping 27 months straight. The company recently revealed that it sold 261,000 Xbox 360′s last month. “In March, Xbox 360 maintained its position as the number one console in the U.S., selling more units than any other console and marking the 27th consecutive month as the best-selling console.

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