Hollow Flashlight designed by a 15 year old works using the heat from the palms


Fifteen year old  Ann Makosinski from Canada has devised a flashlight that do not need batteries to function. Called the Hollow Flashlight, it is powered solely using the heat from human hands as they are wrapped around its cylindrical structure.

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Microbe Art by Alexander Fleming


Did you know that Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of antibiotic Penicillin, also had an interest in creating paintings, with the same microbes that he used to work with? Well, we also learnt that he had been a member of the Chelsea Arts Club and tried his hand at watercolor compositions, depicting a variety of subjects.

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Mood Sweater expresses a person’s emotions with colors


Did you know that different cultures around the world have their respective New Year’s day too, and the date is not the ’1st of January’? People from different customs celebrate this special day following their traditional rituals, one of which happens to be wearing brand new clothes. So with CLOTHING as the sixth entity of our discussion, we bring you this exclusive Mood Sweater!

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Metal gold in different colors? That just might be possible!


You already know about rose gold and white gold. But think of gold in colors like green, red or blue. Could it happen? Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK have developed a procedure that enables human beings to visualize gold in different hues without the use of color or any chemical methods. Learn how?

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