World’s largest Wind farm, the Horns Rev 2


With the varied complications in climatic changes and for a better environment, there have always been an eager approach towards the use of  renewable sources of energy. One such energy is the wind energy and what we see here is the world’s largest wind farm, capable of generating 209 megawatts of power which approximately is the annual electricity consumption of 200,000 homes.

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The o’clock lets you know the time without digits or hands


How about some minimalistic look for your watch? Let the hour and minute hand vanish and even the twelve numbers! Now when everything has disappeared from the watch face, how do we ascertain the time? Here comes the o’ clock that achieves this feat using two flat disks with cuts whose positioning determines the hour and the minute.

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NoonSolar bags collect Solar energy to power up your gadgets


We all know about smart phones but how about a smart bag that not only holds all your essentials but also acts as an energy reservoir to charge your electronic gadgets. These are NoonSolar bags that are able to collect solar energy which in turn help you recharge your power drained gadgets. You just need to let the bag have some sunlight and you are all set to use the stored energy.

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